How our process works:

PART 1: SCRIPT – Includes unlimited revisions. The client generally writes the first script. We then pass it back and forth as we work on revising the script to fit both the desired length as well as be the most effective message possible.

PART 2: STORYBOARD – Includes unlimited revisions. Once the script is determined, we then apply it to a storyboard template. The storyboard template is designed to give us room to create the ideas around the animation images and movements that we think will cause the viewer to take action.

PART 3: AUDIO – Included unlimited revisions. Once the script & storyboard are complete, we will identify whether a male or female voice is preferred. We will also find music options and select a desired music bed. The music bed will be licensed for business and the voiceovers recorded.

PART 4: ANIMATION – We will send the storyboard, voiceover and music bed to our animation department for the completion of the video. At this part of the process, it takes approximately 7 days to complete the animated video. After the video is done, we will do up to 3 additional revisions. But we should not need many at this step of the process.

How to write your script:

Answer these questions first.